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We love new riders! SSMC competitive events are sanctioned & insured by AMA, and are part of the Southern California Trials Association (SCTA) championship series.  SCTA series events occur about monthly, from September through April.

Events run in a format of 10 sections in 3 loops. The loop might be somewhat technical. Classes being Novice, Sportsman, Intermediate, Clubman, Advance, Expert and Pro.

Entry fee is $40/rider 18+. FREE for Minors under 18. Online sign up or at- event sign up.

Your Bike:

Generally you will want a trials bike, with trials-patterned tires. You can ride an enduro bike, although we don’t have a specific class for that,  inclusion of enduro bikes is at the discretion of the hosting.  Feel free to sign up for any class you see fit within your skill set. Trials-bike-wise, you do not need to get a brand new rig - try your local Craigslist or Trials Bikes For Sale USA (Facebook Group). For kids, Oset bikes and Vertigo are great too.

Your motorcycle must pass a Technical Inspection before entering the event:

1. AMA License
2. FIM/DOT approved helmet.
3. Spark arrestor.
4. Kill switch.
5. Class Sticker (available on site)

More details here SCTA rulebook.

How the day Goes:

Our events usually start at 10:00 am, with a riders' meeting at 9:45, around the sign-up table.
During the riders' meeting the loop is described. The local landowner or BLM personnel are thanked, and what section you will start on and other course and safety information is discussed. Awards from previous events given out, and other general business discussed. This is a great time to catch up with your mates.

After the riders meeting, the event starts and you ride to your designated section to begin your trial. The loop is marked by pink ribbons about every 20 yards or so.

When you arrive at your section, walk it. Figure out your strategy, which obstacles to avoid, and where the section boundaries are. Cards will be placed indicating where your specific line is. If you have a question, the section checker will help to point out your intended line. Wait for the checker at your section to wave you into the section before riding it. The checkers have volunteered their day to staff the section; be nice to them.

Get your score card punched after your ride, and follow the loop to the next section.

After the first loop (and every subsequent loop) check your card to confirm you have not missed any sections. Hand in your card to the sign-up table, get a fresh card and start the next loop.

After three loops, marvel in the feat of completing your first trial. Wear your grin all the way home. Welcome to the family!

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